Adventures in virtualisation

Adventures in virtualisation

My adventures in virtualisation

I had this crazy idea to set up a home server – not that I really need one. My end goal would be to familiarise myself with virtualisation and maintain multiple virtual machines each with their own individual responsibilities running on a hypervisor such as ESXi. I thought it might be beneficial to start a blog so I could keep track of what I’ve learned along the way and perhaps inspire someone else to follow the same path. You might be questioning my reasoning behind such a project in a home environment.. Well, you’re probably right. My motivation for building a server came after reading about setting up a multi-headed ESXi server. Afterwards my inner-geek couldn’t relax thinking of all the possibilities this could be used for. That, and it’s just a very cool thing to do! Right!?

This is the article I’m referring to;

How cool does that look!? Four independent machines, each running an instance of Battlefield, running off the one physical server. Now realistically I don’t have a need for this kind of setup but perhaps on a small scale this might be useful. Imagine being able to deploy a new computer at the touch of a button to any room in the house. On top of that you have the advantage of keeping everything segregated which is not only beneficial from an organisational point of view, but I imagine it helps to improve security as well.

The one stumbling block I’m going to encounter is resource limitations. Virtualisation is not cheap in terms of resources if you intend on running multiple virtual machines! The current desktop I have is probably powerful enough to host two high-power virtual machines easily enough but nothing more than that. I will have to think about how I want to proceed here. Do I build a standalone server or do I convert my desktop to a server? Decisions..

Maybe I have deluded myself into thinking this would be useful.. I guess we’ll find out.. Watch this space!

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