Proxmox – Tried installing it and it didn’t go so well..

Proxmox – Tried installing it and it didn’t go so well..

Proxmox refused to install

When I finally got my PC back working as expected and was successfully able to boot into both Linux and Windows I figured it was about time to actually install my hypervisor. As I mentioned in my previous post I had decided to install Proxmox as a level two hypervisor on Debian. The instructions for this seemed pretty straightforward, but alas as per my luck so far it was not…

proxmox logo

I used unetbootin to create the bootable USB for Proxmox. If you have not heard of unetbootin then I highly recommend it.

Getting started with Proxmox

The installation steps listed for Debian on the Promox site seemed relatively straightforward. The first step involved checking my hosts file to ensure that my hostname is resolvable:

luke@debian:~$ cat /etc/hosts localhost debian
Next I needed to edit my sources list to add the Proxmox VE repository. If you have ever used Linux before you have more than likely come across the command apt-get before. Well Apt uses a file that lists the ‘sources’ from which packages can be obtained. This file is /etc/apt/sources.list. The below three entries needed to be added to this list:

luke@debian:~$ nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb wheezy main contrib
deb wheezy pve
deb wheezy/updates main contrib

Add the Proxmox VE repository key:
luke@debian:~$ wget -O- "" | apt-key add -

Update your repository and system by running
luke@debian:~$ apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Install the kernel and kernel headers
luke@debian:~$ apt-get install pve-firmware pve-kernel-2.6.32-26-pve
luke@debian:~$ apt-get install pve-headers-2.6.32-26-pve

At this point the next step is to restart and select the pve kernel. It’s a surprisingly straightforward process. I honestly thought it would be more complicated. However, as is the usual paradigm so far it’s just one step forward two steps back with everything…

Problems begin..

Once again I am having some issues with actually booting the system. After rebooting into GRUB and choosing the appropriate kernel, this appears on my screen..

Loading, please wait...
Usb 5-1: device descriptor read/64, error - 62
Fsck from util-linux 2.25.2
/dev/mapper/debian--vg-root: clean, 166811/7012352 files, 1550982/28045312 blocks

Left it at that for well over an hour before just turning it off and have not gone back to it since. Proxmox has just straight out refused to work with me so far and at this point I’m just about ready to give up and continue using VirtualBox.. We’ll see..

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