Installing unRAID 6 on my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver G1610T

Installing unRAID 6 on my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver G1610T

Installing unRAID 6 on my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver G1610T

As discussed in my previous posts I decided on unRAID for my HP Microserver OS. For now I simply have a trial version but I can already tell I will end up buying a license. The installation process is super easy as you will see below:

Downloading the unRAID image

Before going about installing unRAID I was under the impression that it would come in an ISO package like every other OS. However unRAID just comes as a package of files with a ‘make-bootable’ executable inside. Preparing the USB is easy! First of all your USB needs to be formatted to FAT32 and the volume label must be set to UNRAID in capital letters.

Microserver unRAID USB format

Then simply transfer all the files to the root directory of the USB (i.e. not in a folder) and then run the ‘make-bootable.bat’ file as administrator (Right click -> Run as administrator). A CMD prompt will appear just asking you to confirm you want to proceed – Press any button to continue and hey presto job done.

Microserver unRAID make bootable

Now you just need to eject the usb from your computer, connect it to the internal USB slot of the microserver and boot it up. Mine booted into the USB straight away without editing any BIOS options of my microserver but your mileage may vary. After successfully booting up I was able to navigate to http://tower from my desktop and was greeted with the web GUI. It really was that easy!

Microserver unRAID GUI

unRAID Licensing

Before you’re able to do anything you will need a license key. Upon first installation you’re entitled to a 30 day evaluation period to test out the software. To activate your license navigate to ‘Tools -> Registration’. You will need to enter in your email address so the license URL can be sent to you which you then paste into the box provided.

Microserver unRAID registration

After that you’re pretty much good to go! Stay tuned for more unRAID and microserver posts!

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  1. Even though I haven't posted in a while I am still up and running without any major issues. Currently running two torrent clients / Couch Potato / Sonaar / Plex / DuckDNS and TeamSpeak. Haven't had a need to run any VMs on the server just yet – Makes more sense to run them on my desktop usually.

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